Often we can find ourselves rushing around trying to fit so many things into our lives, leaving little time to devote to our own wellbeing. As well as helping us physically to tone and strengthen the body Yoga also gives us the chance to step back from our busy lives, to reflect and let go of tension and anxiety.

When I teach a Yoga class one of my main aims is for the students to leave the class feeling better, this could be physically in their bodies, more peaceful in their minds or even just generally feeling more positive about their lives.

I first came to Yoga through my dance training, and have now been practicing for over 25 years. I soon discovered that the benefits of yoga stretched far beyond the physical conditioning of the body, and in 2010 I began training as a Yoga teacher.

Upon qualifying in the UK I travelled to India visiting ashrams to deepen my knowledge, skills and understanding of Yoga in its various forms. Most recently I have completed an integration course with the British Wheel of Yoga to further my teaching and knowledge of the history and philosophy of Yoga.

I am grateful to the many fantastic teachers I have had over the years who have inspired me and influenced my teaching.

“The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.”
Rodney Yee

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