I am currently offering, an online video library, as well as small private group classes for up to 4 people from my studio at home.


How to Book for a Private Yoga Class of up to 4 People

2.Choose a time that suites you from the appointment schedule above. 

2. Nominate 1 person to book and pay for the session on behalf of the group and then split the cost between you. 

3.Let me know the names of the other people attending the session when you book and what you would like the session to entail ( particular theme/ style of class) as well as anything else you think I need to know e.g Injury/ Yoga experience etc.  

4. Details of where to go and when to arrive are all given on booking. You can also choose “class pass” option to receive a discount if booking a regular weekly class. 

5. If you would like to share a private session but don’t know anyone else who would like to join you please get in touch with me and I can put you in touch with others who may be interested. Or you can also book a 1-1 private session.


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Workshop Schedule

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I will update this page when a new workshop is planned. I hope you will be able to join me for a workshop or class soon!

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