Some classes are being held online only, and some online and in person either in Church House or Reading Canoe Club.


Attending Classes in person:

  There will only be 10 spaces for the classes in the park available. You will need to bring your own mats and any equipment you need with you to all live classes. I will have hand sanitiser available. We will be spacing our mats 2 metres apart. You will be asked when you book if you have any COVID-19 Symptoms – if you do you should not come to the class.

Joining Classes Online:

Most classes are still being live streamed via zoom. When you book you will be given a link to join the class. You can join from your tablet, phone, lap top or computer.  You can choose to mute yourself and not have your video on if you prefer. You just need your Yoga mat and any props you normally like to use and to be able to see your screen in front of you. If you haven’t done Yoga before I have a 6 part beginners course as part of my Online Yoga Library – click here for access to the beginners course.

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Gentle Wake Up Yoga
Online Class

Start the Week in a Positive Way! Suitable for all levels, this gentle class is designed to give you a full, well balanced Hatha Yoga practise, incorporating some breath work and ending with a short meditation so that you can move into day ahead, feeling calm and relaxed but awake!


Improve Your Posture
Online Class

This class will be focused on improving posture - great if you have been sitting at a desk most of the day- but will be beneficial for everyone. We'll stretch out the front of the body especially chest and front of the shoulders and hip flexors, as well as releasing any tension in the shoulders, upper back and neck through self massage and targeted exercises to realign and mobilise these areas and improve posture.


Hatha Yoga Class
Online, and sometimes also in person in Caversham Court Gardens ( weather dependant)

Mixed ability, themed Hatha Yoga class, incorporating focus on a particular aspect of Yogic philosophy or focus on particular part of the body.
All welcome


Vinyasa Flow Yoga class
(In Person only)
Location: Church House

Faster paced Yoga class flowing between poses mindfully. Incorporating Sun salutations and vinyasa style sequences of postures to simultaneously stretch and strengthen body and mind.



Gentle Hatha Yoga
10am- 11:15am

Location: Online and at Church House

Very Gentle Hatha Yoga Class for those who would like to go at a slower pace/ those with injuries.


Hatha Yoga
9:15am- 10:30am

Online, and at Reading Canoe Club

Mixed ability, themed Hatha Yoga class, incorporating focus on a particular aspect of Yogic philosophy or focus on particular part of the body.
All welcome

Recorded Classes

I also have an online library of classes you can subscribe to monthly if you would like to do classes with me any time that suits you. To find out more/ join the online library please go to:

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Prices and Booking

Yoga classes are ongoing, and cost:

All classes must be booked online


I hope you will be able to join me for a class soon!

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All classes are running online via zoom as well as in the following locations.