Yoga Classes

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All Classes are held at Aroma House 3-5 Cremyl Road, RG1 5NQ Parking is available both at the front of the building and in a car park at the back of the building.

Yoga mats and equipment is provided unless you prefer to bring your own.

Monday 10am-11:15am

Hatha (All welcome) Upstairs Yoga Space/ Caversham court Gardens

Monday 7pm- 8:15pm

Hatha (All welcome) Downstairs Yoga Space/Christchurch Meadows

Tuesday 6:15am- 7:35am

This energising early morning class combines Yoga postures, Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation/ Mantra to set you up for the day ahead and leave you with an elevated but peaceful state of mind.(All welcome)

Downstairs Yoga Space

Wednesday 10am-11:15am

Gentle Hatha (Beginners/ Those with injuries welcome) Downstairs Yoga Space/Caversham court Gardens

Thursday 6pm-7:10pm

Hatha (All welcome)Downstairs Yoga Space Caversham court Gardens

Friday 9:30am-10:45am

Hatha (All welcome) Upstairs Yoga Space/Caversham court Gardens

Level One 6- week beginners Hatha Yoga Course

Next course dates:

4th July 2018 Wednesdays 7pm-8:15pm

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13th September 2018 Thursdays 7:15pm-8:30pm

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Downstairs Yoga Studio Two at Aroma House

Saturdays 8:30am-9:35am N.B this class runs once a month and times/day may vary Please click here for dates/to book Book online

Vinyasa Flow (intermediate)

N.B Over the summer many classes are held outdoors dependant on the weather so please join my mailing list to be kept up to date with class locations.

Class Themes for July: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Chapter One continued: Sutras 1:13- 1:16

2nd-6th July (Flow class Saturday 7th July at 8:30am)

"Practise is the effort that keeps us steady in the state of Yoga." 1.13

Often it is easier for us to achieve a goal than to sustain it. So this sutra describes the effort required, first to reach the blissful state of clarity that is Yoga and then how we can work to remain steady in that state, even when we are away from our mats in daily life.

9th-13th July  


"Practise  is nurtured by sustained practise over a long period of time, with a steady rhythm and dedicated heart  " 1:14  


In this sutra Patanjali goes deeper into the definition of practise, describing the qualities of practise and what we have to do to ensure the practise gains a good foundation and that it has value.

16th-20th July


" With constant remembrance of the Self , all yearning fades" 1. 15


" When consciousness unites it remains clear and unaffected by the external changes of nature, this is the ultimate detatchment" 1. 16  

 In this class we explore the benefits of detachment. When we are detached we are in a more neutral state of mind  and we can remain unaffected by the external pulls of nature ( gunas) and this takes us closer to the Yogic state. 

27th July-  3rd August

 Kath Pinnick and Aileen Boyd will be teaching you between 27th July and 31st July whilst I am away, so we will be taking a short pause from the Yoga Sutras theme during these two weeks.



Yoga classes are ongoing and cost £11 to drop in or £45 for 5 class card valid on any weekly classes for 6 weeks or £88 for a 10 class card valid on any weekly classes for 12 weeks

N.B Class Cards are not extendable or refundable, however drop in classes are available ( please see above)

I hope you will be able to join me for a class soon

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